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The Cube-Gravity Trainer with additional seat.

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How the Cube-Gravity-Trainer can support you to strengthen your back you can see here.

How does the training with the Cube-Gravity Trainer work?

Back problems are a widespread condition and a large part of the population has already had some experience of this condition in one way or another. Unfortunately, there are only few alternatives for those affected which range from appropriate training and painkillers to back surgery.

In addition to the pain and loss of quality of life, there is often the financial burden of medication, cures and therapies.


Our device refers to a significantly improved form of a well-known therapy for back pain.

Inversion angle

    20 - 30 °: Gentle stretching of muscles and joints, circulation is stimulated
    60 °: The advantages of inversion are clearly noticeable
    90 ° (Complete inversion): Used by athletes

Reduction of back pain

The inversion bench offers several advantages to people with back pain [5]. First of all, the fact that they remain in an upside-down position causes the distance between the individual vertebral bodies to increase. This removes the pressure from the intervertebral discs and the discs can be better supplied with nutrients and fluid again. This causes the intervertebral discs to regenerate again. If crushed discs regenerate again, the pressure on the nerve roots can also be reduced. Thus, pain caused by pinched nerves could be alleviated by regenerating sufficiently thick intervertebral discs.

By hanging on the inversion bench, the spine can also be aligned. Dislocated vertebrae can thus be aligned again in a natural way. The head overhang can also be helpful in case of curvatures. In addition, the spine is relieved overall.

Reduction of muscle tensions

Tense muscles can have many causes. Lack of exercise is just as possible as wrong or one-sided strain on the body. In addition, stress is also a factor that can lead to tension, especially in the neck and shoulder area.

By hanging on the inversion bench, exactly this area is supplied with oxygen-rich blood. In addition, the tense muscles are gently stretched by the mechanical stimulus and thus become more relaxed [3] and more mobile again. The same applies to the lower back muscles. If back pain develops here, then often erroneously a problem with the intervertebral discs is assumed.

A disturbed lymph flow often plays a role in the elimination of the discomfort. In order for the lymph flow to function properly and for toxins to be washed out of the body, the muscles have to work. Tense muscles, however, are limited in their mobility. Therefore, the removal of toxins via the lymphatic system cannot function properly. And these stored toxins can in turn cause various complaints. In inversion therapy the lymph flow is stimulated by the increased lying of the legs [4]. The resulting complaints could be alleviated.

Improved circulation

An intact cardiovascular system is the foundation of our health. If this gets out of sync, then not only can the quality of life be considerably reduced, there is also always a potential danger to life.

In a healthy blood circulation, the blood is pumped through the body. The blood transports oxygen and vital nutrients into all cells of our body. Waste substances such as carbon dioxide are also transported out of the body via the blood. The heart is the engine of this machine, perfectly conceived by nature. This alone has the task of pumping the blood through the body from the day we are born until we die. This work is made more difficult for the muscle by gravity. This causes the blood to sink down again and again, so that it has to be pumped from the heart back into the head. Normally, this is not a problem for the heart. However, as we spend most of the day sitting or standing today, it is made even more difficult for the heart. Regular exercise, which supports the work of the heart by contraction of the muscles, can relieve the heart.

Hanging on the inversion bench can also relieve the load on the heart and improve blood circulation [5]. By partially eliminating the gravity caused by the overhead hanging position, the heart needs less work to pump oxygen-rich blood into the brain. In this way, waste products can also be removed from the body more quickly. In addition to the heart, the lungs also benefit from the upside-down position because they are now supplied with oxygen-rich blood more quickly and efficiently.

Another advantage of the Inversionsbank that should not be underestimated is the increased oxygen supply to the brain. The more oxygen that reaches the cells of the brain, the more efficient it is. If the brain lacks oxygen, we notice this in reduced performance. We become unfocused, cannot remember things or feel overwhelmed by simple thinking tasks. Hanging on an inversion bench leads to an increase in the oxygen supply in the brain. The better supply with important oxygen also improves the performance of the brain.


Increased flexibility

No matter whether it is a question of the job, the children, the hobbies or even the friends, today a certain flexibility is required in every situation. The flexibility of one's own body is often forgotten. We sit in the office for hours, then stand at the stove, on the ironing board or sit motionless for hours in front of the TV or PC. This makes us more and more immobile, more and more inflexible. This is also noticeable in the tapes. They are either too weak because they are chronically underchallenged or they are weak because they are constantly overstrained by one-sided strain. If the latter is the case, the weakened ligaments can tear. Even jerky, unusual movements can lead to a torn ligament. It is therefore important for an active lifestyle that we keep not only our muscles but also our ligaments flexible.

With the inversion bench or the gravity trainer, this is possible in a particularly gentle way. By hanging in the upside down position, pressure is first removed from the joints and the spine. This has an immediate beneficial effect. In addition, the muscles are gently stretched and relaxed. And the joints can be sufficiently supplied with fluid again as a result of the relief. This increases the overall functionality.

If hanging in the upside down position is now combined with light training in which gentle movements are carried out, then a strengthening of the muscles and joints can be achieved. This in turn strengthens the ligaments. In this way, the entire mobility of the body can be maintained into old age. And more vitality automatically leads to more activity. More activity can in turn prevent pain caused by lack of exercise.

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