Power Puls

Power Puls is the innovative brand in the field of fitness and health from Austria



Power Puls develops, produces and sells fitness equipment for home use and professionals

Inflatable fitness equipment such as exercise balls and the like are used by many people

around the world every day.
Used by millions of users in a wide variety of fields such as sports and medicine.
Whether in professional sport, training in the studio or at home, inflatable fitness equipment can be found everywhere.


The patented technology of the Pulsor series from Power-Puls ™ combines the advantages of classic inflatable
Fitness equipment with the training advantages of conventional vibration equipment and increases the
user benefits in terms of effectiveness and functionality.

What is special about the Pulsor series from Power-Puls ™
Compared to the already known inflatable fitness equipment, the Pulsor has an integrated
Pulse module through which the Pulsor can be made to vibrate.





More information on: www.power-puls.at